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Productivity Derailed: Wasted Time

How much time do employees waste during the work day? It depends on the industry, and it is difficult to track. One would have to start with defining “wasted time.” Is that time away from the main project? Time spent off-site dealing with other issues? Time on-site, but off task?

Consider an employee conversation at a water cooler. Employees ask each other about their weekend plans and a recommendation for a new spot to have dinner. They casually mention an upcoming sales meeting and the reports they need to produce before heading back to their respective work spaces. Few people would consider this to be a waste of time. Every employee needs a restroom break or to occasionally stretch their legs- if not standing altogether– while working.

Human nature requires us to have short mental breaks from our tasks. This allows us to step back and reflect, and perhaps to consider a new angle when attacking a problem. Nobody can be expected to work for 8 straight hours. Some research has indicated those taking short breaks can yield greater productivity.

But what about the employee who checks personal email throughout the day, or is constantly liking Facebook posts? Even worse, how about the ones comparing and booking summer vacations or comparing homes for sale? These examples pale in comparison to those employees who are accessing online games, gambling, or even pornography!

We offer many different products that help to monitor employee access to certain websites. Some products do not allow employees to access certain websites, like Facebook or Instagram. Other services block categories of sites, such as online gambling or pornography. New sites are added daily; a subscription provides automatic updating to the blocked sites list.

Managers should also have the ability to override certain sites. For example, an employer may want to block Facebook access from employee workstations, but HR staff may wish to review the digital profile of prospective new hires. The same could be said for employee vs. manager access to job-hunting sites like Monster or Indeed.

Organizations must ultimately choose the level of online security that best meets their vision and focus. The good news is that there are many affordable solutions that can keep employees more focused. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about these solutions.

Why Managed Services?

“Can’t I just pay for services when I actually have a problem?”

One of our most common questions revolves around the type of company we run. We are a managed services company, not a break/fix shop. What is the difference- don’t both types of companies have to perform the same essential functions?

Different companies subscribe to competing theories in regard to network maintenance. In our case, we believe that proactive network monitoring and maintenance will actually make it more affordable for the customer over the long haul. That’s a big hurdle for customers who have never experienced this type of service, though.

For example, consider a small office with 6 workstations, network storage and a firewall. When it was professionally installed three years ago, office personnel notices faster network speeds and better performance. They probably thought nothing of it after that. But this office has several aging devices, some of which have not received updates in months. Employees keep delaying software updates. The firewall’s firmware- what’s that?- has never been upgraded! The backups were tested when they were installed, but nobody has ever tested them to verify they are still functioning.

As you can see, myriad issues can develop over time. Hence the need for managed services. We perform proactive maintenance on workstations and network equipment, usually after users are gone for the day. In most cases, workers won’t know about the updates and modifications we made to keep the network running smoothly. It’s almost as if you don’t know we’re there… and isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? IT staying out of the way of productivity?

Of course, there are always times when we are called on-site for equipment failure. Or certain upgrades that need to be done during business hours in conjunction with 3rd party vendors. But these are usually calls a business makes that request our services, instead of us deciding to take down the network for updates during the middle of the work day.

So, why do we offer managed services?

  • We proactively monitor and maintain all facets of the network, and receive alerts when hardware is not performing properly.
  • Many problems are resolved before they impact end users.
  • We can make recommendations to decision-makers regarding the life span and performance of network components.
  • Offices have a predictable monthly budget that includes almost all of their IT expenses, which removes the peaks and valleys of network maintenance.

Does your IT provider offer these benefits? If not, maybe it’s time to give us a call. We can perform a free network analysis and provide you with a quote.