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Black Friday Deals: Who Is the Target Market?

Occasionally we get a customer who calls us and is very excited about a recent deal they scored. It goes something like this:

“We just got 4 laptops that need to be added to our network. My brother sent me the link and they looked good- I had to buy them before the deal expired! They’ll be in the office- can you add them to our domain later on next week?”

And just like that, we become the bearer of bad news. These devices run Windows 10 Home, not Windows Professional. We’ll need to purchase those licenses. Oh- they don’t come with Microsoft Office or Office 365, either. It’s just a 30 day trial. And they contain an inferior processor that will not keep up with modern business applications.

Can businesses take advantage of Black Friday deals? Absolutely! Contact us first, and we can evaluate potential purchases to see if they work with your network configuration. For general business-only deals, check out Dell’s SMB Black Friday site, which includes several configurations geared towards business professionals in office environments.

Black Friday Antivirus Deal

For most Black Friday technology deals, you have to sacrifice something. Maybe it’s in the form of performance, such as a desktop with inferior parts. Or a laptop that uses a processor and motherboard that came out two years ago. These considerations pass most deal hunters by, as they fixate on the price and never check under the hood to see what they are really purchasing.

Antivirus applications are different, in the sense that, a) you are purchasing a software product and; b) this type of product cannot be a watered-down version of the actual product. Imagine a 4th of July car sale where they didn’t include the wheels with the vehicle- it simply would not work! The same goes for antivirus programs: it’s all or nothing.

Right now, Dell is offering a 1-year subscription to McAfee antivirus for less than $5.00. This is a tremendous value, one which is seldom seen at this price point. The price will certainly increase after your first twelve months of service- but wouldn’t the peace of mind for the next year be worth it?